This course is only offered in the Fall for enrollment.

Studies the relationship of man and his environment; ecological principles, population dynamics, topics of current importance, including air, water, and noise pollution; poisoning and toxicity, radiation, conservation and management of natural resources.

Where do I start?

Read over the Course Syllabus.  Then start reading through the Lessons, which walk you through the information.  There is a quiz and assignment for every lesson.

To take the course for credit, you must register with Mountain Empire Community College.  Once you feel comfortable with the information, begin the registration process.  (You will still have to fill out the appropriate forms for MECC.)   Please read the entire tutorial and follow the instructions.

Contact information is given under the Instructor tab.


Purchase your texts:

The required textbooks for this course are listed in the Syllabus. You can purchase the texts through the MECC Bookstore (located in Goodwin Hall).  You may also purchase your texts online from the bookstore.