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Using Operation of Water Treatment Plants Volume I

Lesson 1:  Introduction to Water Treatment
Lesson 2:  Water Supplies
Lesson 3:  Watersheds
Lesson 4:  Coagulation and Flocculation
Lesson 5:  Sedimentation
Lesson 6:  Filtration
Lesson 7:  Disinfection
Lesson 8:  Corrosion Control
Lesson 9: Taste and Odor Control
Lesson 10: Water Tank Design
Lesson 11: Laboratory Procedures

Tips for Exam 1

Using Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants Volume I

Lesson 12: Overview of the Wastewater Treatment Process
Lesson 13: Racks, Screens, Comminutors and Grit Removal
Lesson 14: Sedimentation and Flotation
Lesson 15: Trickling Filters
Lesson 16: Rotating Biological Contactors
Lesson 17: Activated Sludge
Lesson 18: Stabilization Ponds
Lesson 19: Disinfection and Chlorination

Tips for Exam 2