How to use the Engineer Compass

Finding real position on Map by compass

Take two azimuth bearing on separate characteristic points visible on the terrain and indicated on map.  Then on your oriented map, take the angle degree reading according to (a) and then draw two rays from each of the above points according to the angle reading, where the two rays intersect is your aresent location.

Map Orientation by Compass

Lay map down on flat level surface, then align north indicating line on map with magnetic north on compass.  The map is now oriented.

A Magnetic Azimuth

A magnetic azimuth of any object is the compass reading of a direct line across the center of the compass to the object.

(a)  when taking the azimuth reading, set sight on object through Slot and Wire, then read degree scale through lens.

Walking in darkness and dense fog and through rough terrain

The line on the glass bezel is for quick walking through rough terrain:  (On the surface of the glass are found two lines, long and short.  They form on angle of 45° with each other.)  First, turn your compass to face True North, then rotate the luminous line on your glass bezel to whatever number of degrees you wish to walk;  example:  move bezel until line is on 60° when compass is aligned with North, now you may take a quick reading at any time. While you are walking, just turn your compass towards the magnetic North and walk in the direction of the line on the bezel.

Bezel rotates 360 degrees and is marked off in 3 degree notches for easy computation.  (A glass plate may be turned around.)