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No textbook is required for this course.



Course Description

This course covers the chemistry and biology associated with water treatment labs.   These labs teach the student to perform common tests such as those for pH, color, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and bacteria. 




Goals and Specific Objectives


This course is designed to develop the student's basic laboratory skills, teaching the student to follow EPA approved methods for the analysis of water/wastewater samples.  The course also familiarizes students with water and wastewater quality criteria and how they affect plant operation.  Finally, the course teaches the scientific theories behind the laboratory exercises. 


  •  The student will learn to perform tests including color, iron, pH, alkalinity, hardness, calcium carbonate saturation, turbidity, jar test, chlorine residual, fluoride, total suspended solids, mixed liquor suspended solids, dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, total coliform bacteria, biochemical oxygen demand, and chemical oxygen demand. 
  • The student will learn laboratory safety techniques and will learn how to use common laboratory equipment. 
  • The student will learn the chemistry and biology relating to laboratory tests. 
  • The student will learn to make the mathematical calculations required in lab, including calculating concentrations and dilutions. 




No prerequisite required



Instructional Methods

  • Online lectures
  • Quizzes
  • Final Exam



Special Teaching Methodology

Students are required to read the online lessons and answer the related quizzes. Once a grade of 100 is achieved on each quiz, the quizzes are to be printed to send in at the end of the course. A hard copy of all work, including the exam, is kept in a folder for future use in case of an audit.

There will be a final exam that covers the entire coursework. This exam is open book.




Since ENV 295 is an online course, each student is expected to have a valid email address which he or she will check at least twice weekly.  If you have an email address which you use more frequently than your Mountain Empire email address, you should email this address to your instructor within the first week of the course. 

The instructor will use email to keep you updated on your progress throughout the course.  If you have completed any kind of assignment and have not heard from the instructor within a reasonable length of time (two days if the assignment was turned in over the internet or a week if the assignment was turned in through the postal service), then you should contact the instructor to make sure that your assignment was received.

When sending an email to your instructor for help or sending in an assignment, make sure to have your Course number and Assignment number in the subject of the email. For example: ENV295 Assignment 1.



Emergency Statement

In the event of a College-wide emergency, course requirements, classes, deadlines, and grading schemes are subject to changes that may include alternative delivery methods; alternative methods of interaction with the instructor, class materials, and/or classmates; a revised attendance policy; and a revised semester calendar and/or grading scheme.

In the case of a College emergency, please refer to the following about changes in this course:

·         If you are unable to access the water/wastewater distance learning website, please contact IT services at 276-523-2400 or contact your instructor.  If power or servers are down across campus it may take a couple of hours for service to be reinstated.  Please be patient and your course material will be back up and running shortly.  If this does occur penalties will not be given for late assignments.

·         If the MECC mail server is down your instructor will use the following email address:
*****Please note that this email address will ONLY be used in case of an emergency when the MECC mail server is down!******

·         The telephone number for your instructor is as follows:
276-523-2400, ext 364

For more general information about the emergency situation, please refer to:

·         The Mountain Empire Community College web site at or the Virginia Community College System web page at

·         The college phone number is 276-523-2400

·         The college phone number to call in case of snow or inclement weather is 276-523-7495. You may also receive information about snow or inclement weather at the following TV and Radio Stations:

WCYB-TV— Bristol

WJHL-TV — Johnson City

WQUT-FM — Johnson City

WAXM-FM — Norton

WDIC-FM — Clintwood

WJNV-FM — Jonesville

WXBQ-FM — Bristol

·         You may contact security at MECC from off campus by calling 276-523-7473 and from on campus by dialing 473 from any campus phone. There are also several emergency security phones located on MECC’s campus.



Emergency Notifications: When MECC considers an emergency to pose an ongoing threat to students and employees, the college community will be notified in several ways:

1.    Text Message (register to receive text messages from MECC at

2.    Email

3.    Telephone

4.    Postings on the college’s web site

5.    In person




Quizzes are online and are connected to a database. Once you click the submit button the quiz will tell you which questions are incorrect, if any. You are allowed to take the quiz as many times as desired, but a grade of 100 is required on the quiz for completion. The quizzes will tell you which questions are incorrect, if any, but before you retake the quiz, changing the answers, you must close the quiz and log back in before your new score will be submitted. Quizzes are worth 50% of your grade. Copies of the quizzes will need to be sent to the instructor for documentation and auditing purposes. Please wait until the end of the semester to send the quizzes in.




The final exam is to be taken at the end of class. When you are ready to take your exam, contact me and I will mail the exam to you. This exam covers all course material and is open notes. You may have your previous quizzes with you for reference. This exam is worth 50% of your grade. Once you have completed the exam, a hard copy of the exam and all quizzes must be sent to the instructor for documentation and auditing purposes. Please wait until the end of the semester to send quizzes and exam in.




All students at MECC should abide by the standards of conduct outlined in the MECC Student Handbook. Cheating WILL NOT be tolerated. Anyone caught cheating on an assignment or test will receive a zero for that assignment.


Instructions for Individuals With Disabilities

Students may request academic accommodation for disabilities through the Office of Student Services. That office will evaluate the request and make recommendations for appropriate and reasonable accommodations, which the student will provide to the instructor. Individuals requiring temporary handicapped parking accommodations due to short-term illness should also contact Student Services.

All correspondence will be kept confidential.



Attendance Policy

Regular class attendance is required. When absence from a class is necessary, it is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor prior to the absence. The student is responsible for the subsequent completion of all work missed during an absence. (MECC Student Handbook)

Mountain Empire Community College is committed to academic quality and student success. Elements that support both of these values are regular attendance and participation in class. The college policy states that regular class attendance is required. The attendance policy in this class is that you spend at least 5 hours per week working on assignments, which will help ensure you stay on track. As listed below in the Weekly Schedule, the scheduled quiz and assignment should be completed each week.



Grading Policy



Final Exam






Grading Scale

This course is a Pass/Fail course.




Weekly Schedule

You will need to read the online lessons as well as take the required quiz and a final exam.

Week Reading Assignment Quiz
1 Online lesson 1 Quiz 1
2 Online lesson 2 Quiz 2
3 Online lesson 3 Quiz 3
4 Online lesson 4 Quiz 4
5 Online lesson 5 Quiz 5
6 Online lesson 6 Quiz 6
7 Online lesson 7 Quiz 7
8 Online lesson 8 Quiz 8
9 Online lesson 9 Quiz 9
10 Online lesson 10 Quiz 10
11 Online lesson 11 Quiz 11
12 Online lesson 12 Quiz 12
13 Online lesson 13 Quiz 13
14 Online lesson 14 Quiz 14
15 Final Exam Final Exam