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Course Description

This course explores principles of water purification including pretreatment, aeration, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, fluoridation, softening, stabilization, taste and odor, and the distribution system.  In addition, the course includes labs completed at a local water treatment plant and an introduction to water treatment math.




Since ENV 115 is an online course, each student is expected to check his or her Mountain Empire email address at least twice weekly.  If you are having problems using your Mountain Empire email address, please contact the instructor as soon as possible. 

The instructor will use email to keep you updated on your progress throughout the course.  If you have completed any kind of assignment and have not heard from the instructor within a reasonable length of time (two work days if the assignment was turned in over the internet or a week if the assignment was turned in through the postal service), then you should contact the instructor to make sure that your assignment was received.



Reading Assignments

The student will need to read the online lessons as well as selected readings in the textbooks.  The chart below lists each week's reading assignment.  Tests include information both from the online lessons and from the textbook readings. 



Other Assignments and Information

Most lessons have an associated question set or math assignment which should be completed after studying the lesson.  The quizzes and assignments are a way for you to test your knowledge of the information, so you should complete them after studying the lesson.  You may take each quiz as many times as you wish before the due date --- I will use your highest grade on each quiz.

In addition, there are four labs and two exams which need to be completed during the course of the class.  The exams must be proctored .  You should decide where you want to take your exams within the first three weeks of the course and give your instructor the proctor information. The exams are NOT OPEN BOOK.

All assignments which are not self-grading may be emailed or mailed to the instructor. 

The chart below lists the assignments which should be completed each week. 



Weekly Assignments

Week Online Lessons Reading Assignment Quizzes Assignments Exams
1 1 None 1 1 None
2 2 None 2 2 None
3 3 None 3 3 and Labs 1 & 2 None
4 4 None 4 4 and Lab 3 None
5 5 None 5 5 None
6 6 None 6 6 None
7 7 Chapter 12 7 7 None
8 None None None None Midterm Exam
9 8 Chapter 13 8 8 None
10 9 Chapter 14 9 9 None
11 10 Chapter 15 10 10 None
12 11 Chapter 16 11 11 and Lab 4 None
13 12 None None None None
14 Free Free Free Free Free
15 None None None None Final Exam





Goals/Specific Objectives


The course is designed to give the student both theoretical and hands-on knowledge of water treatment plant operation and calculations.  It is also designed to help students pass the Virginia State Certification Exam. 







Instructional Methods




Textbook for this course is Volume II of Water Treatment Plant Operation by Kenneth D. Kerri. 

These textbooks can be purchased from the MECC bookstore or from the following address:

Office of Water Programs
6000 J Street
Sacramento ,  CA

Phone:  916-278-6142



Grading Policy

A = 91 - 100
B = 81 - 90
C = 71 - 80
D = 61 - 70
F = Below 61

Students will be graded based on the following criteria:

Percentage of Final Grade










You may check to see your grades on each assignment you've completed at any point.



Core Competencies

This course satisfies the following core competencies:

·       Understand and interpret complex materials.

·       Use standard English.

·       Interpret and use mathematical formulas.

·       Interpret mathematical models such as graphs, tables and schematics and draw inferences from them.



Emergency Statement

In the event of a College-wide emergency, course requirements, classes, deadlines, and grading schemes are subject to changes that may include alternative delivery methods; alternative methods of interaction with the instructor, class materials, and/or classmates; a revised attendance policy; and a revised semester calendar and/or grading scheme.
In the case of a College emergency, please refer to the following about changes in this course:

For more general information about the emergency situation, please refer to:

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Emergency Notifications: When MECC considers an emergency to pose an ongoing threat to students and employees, the college community will be notified in several ways:


Instructions for Individuals with Disabilities

Students may request academic accommodation for disabilities through the Office of Student Services.  That office will evaluate the request and make recommendations for appropriate and reasonable accommodations, which the student will provide to the instructor.

Individuals requiring temporary handicapped parking accommodations due to short-term illness should also contact Student Services.

All correspondence will be kept confidential.


Testing Center Guidelines

MECC Testing Guidelines 

The MECC Testing Center supports the college goal of providing quality student services that are responsive to the needs of current and prospective students. The Testing Center coordinates testing services for new and continuing students which include placement testing, ability-to-benefit testing, and testing for Internet courses. Upon adjunct faculty request, the Center will administer make-up test. In addition, students enrolled in distance education classes at other VCCS institutions may make arrangements for proctored testing.

The Testing Center, located in the Student Services Suite in Holton Hall, provides outstanding customer service by being courteous, responsible, and helpful. Tests are administered following appropriate testing protocol in a clean, comfortable, quiet, and secure testing environment. 

The Center offers extended hours to serve students and prospective students, and the Testing Coordinator also arranges evening and Saturday testing with the Wampler Library located in MECC Robb Hall. (Request for special testing arrangements must be made at least 24 hours in advance.)
In order to ensure an accurate and fair process for all concerned, the procedures detailed below, must be followed:
General Guidelines for Students
All exams are administered on a walk-in, first-come/first-serve basis. Testing Center Hours are 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Monday – Thursday, and 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM on Fridays. Students should arrive early enough to allow ample time to complete the tests during the operating hours. Since operating hours may vary seasonally, testing times should be verified by calling 276-523-7472.

The Testing Center will maintain a proctoring log in which students will record the following information: