This course explores principles of water purification including pretreatment, aeration, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, fluoridation, softening, stabilization, taste and odor, and the distribution system.  In addition, the course includes labs completed at a local water treatment plant and an introduction to water treatment math.

Where do I start?

ENV 110 is a prerequisite for ENV 115.  Before starting on this course, you need to review the lessons from ENV 110.

After reviewing ENV 110, we recommend that you start out by browsing this site to find out what's here.  Read over the Course Syllabus.  Then start reading through the Lessons, which walk you through the information. You may also want to browse through the Topics which give short summaries of subjects introduced in the course and are useful references.

To take the course for credit, you must register with Mountain Empire Community College.  Once you feel comfortable with the information, begin the registration process(You will still have to fill out the appropriate forms for MECC.)   Please read the entire tutorial and follow the instructions.

After registration for this course, you must complete the initial assignment within one week of entering the class. If the initial assignment is not completed you will be administratively withdrawn from the course. You may either complete the assignment online and submit it to the instructor, or print the assignment and mail or fax it to the instructor. Contact information is given under the Instructor tab.


Purchase your texts:

The next step is to purchase your required texts. The required textbooks for this course are Water Treatment Plant Operation, Volume I and II.  The same two textbooks were required for ENV 110, so you may already have them.  

You can purchase the textbooks from the following address:

Office of Water Programs
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA

Phone: 916-278-6142

Or you can buy the texts through the MECC Bookstore (located in Goodwin Hall).  You may purchase texts in person or by phone at (276) 523-7461. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the MECC Bookstore. Charge cards are accepted. Books can be shipped to your home or office, but there is a shipping charge. When purchasing materials, please make the bookstore aware that you are enrolled in distance education courses.

How the Lessons Work:

We recommend starting with Lesson 1 and working through the lessons in order.  Most lessons will have a reading assignment, which is listed at the beginning of the lesson and in the Course Syllabus.

After completing the online lesson and textbook reading, you should take the lesson's quiz or math set.  Both of these are self-grading so that you will know your score immediately.  You can re-take both types of question set until all of your answers are correct.

The course also has a midterm and a final exam.  All quizzes and tests are open book and open notes and focus on the material presented in the lessons, but can include information from other portions of the course.  More information on testing procedures.


In this course, you will perform four Labs at a water treatment plant.  These visits will provide you with the visual stimulation needed to understand the course work that follows.  This will be invaluable in your career as a water treatment operator.  After each lab, you will write up a lab report.

You will need to have a visitor's slip filled out during each of these visits.  One is for the plant to fill out, one is for you, the student , to fill out to give the plant confidence that you are attending a water/wastewater class and that you are a reliable person.

Bonus Points:

Anyone in the class showing exactly where a major error is, and scientifically documenting it, will receive 2 points added to their final grade.  Anyone alluding to an error without proof will be docked 2 points.

Anyone who posts a worthwhile problem or a solution not previously discussed on the forum will be given 2 points, and if we adopt it into our lessons their name will stay attached.

You can also write additional quiz questions and email them to the instructor for bonus points on your final grade.

To do a search for particular topics, go to the search engine page. Instructions for best results will be given.