Lesson 8:

Laboratory Equipment and Supplies in the Environmental Microbiology Laboratory



In this lesson we will learn the following:

  • General laboratory equipment.
  • General laboratory supplies in a microbiology laboratory.



Reading Assignment

In addition to the online lecture, read chapter 11 in Microbiological Examination of Water and Wastewater.


Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

The following tables list the major and minor equipment and supplies needed to perform microbiological testing of drinking water samples.  The actual equipment needed will depend on the testing performed in each individual laboratory.

Table 1 lists major and minor equipment with its primary function.  Any equipment specifications required by the certification program are listed as well as the quality control testing.

Microbiological supplies and their associated specifications and quality control (QC) testing requirements are described in Table 2.  Although many of these items can be reused multiple times, ex. glass petri dishes, these are considered to be expendable supplies which must be periodically replaced.  Formulations for microbiological media for each method discussed can be found in the Appendix.  The QC specifications for each are discussed under the Media section and/or the individual method.

Records must be maintained on specific QC tests performed as indicated in bold under QC Requirements in Table 1 and 2.  Each record should include analyst’s initials and date(s).  An asterisk (*) in either table indicates that detailed procedures for performance of the QC test are provided at the end of this chapter or that an example form for recording the required information is included.

The laboratory certification program requires that preventative maintenance be performed on large equipment such as autoclaves, balances and microscopes.  When economically feasible, service contracts should be established.  Records must be maintained when any preventative maintenance is performed by either laboratory personnel or outside agencies.



Table 1: Laboratory Equipment








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