This course is only offered in the Fall for enrollment.


This course covers watershed information.  You will learn about many aspects of watersheds, including how to control erosion, runoff, and stormwater detention.

Assignments include the development of a land management plan to prevent flooding, stream channel erosion, and flooding as the result of development.  You will be expected to plot the boundaries of a property on a topographical map, calculate runoff amounts, and test characteristics of the property. 


Before taking this course, you should review the lessons from Env 110.  Additional required skills are explained in the Course Syllabus.

Where do I start?

We recommend that you start out by browsing this site to find out what's here.  Read over the Course Syllabus.  Then start reading through the Lessons, which walk you through the information. 

To take the course for credit, you must register with Mountain Empire Community College.  Once you feel comfortable with the information, click here to begin the registration process.  (You will still have to fill out the appropriate forms for MECC.)  Please read the entire tutorial and follow instructions.

After registration for this course, you must complete the initial assignment within one week of entering the class. If the initial assignment is not completed you will be administratively withdrawn from the course. You may either complete the assignment online and submit it to the instructor, or print the assignment and mail or fax it to the instructor. Contact information is given under the Instructor tab.


Purchase your texts:

The next step is to purchase your required texts. You can purchase the texts through the MECC Bookstore (located in Goodwin Hall).   You may purchase texts in person or by phone at (276) 523-7461. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the MECC Bookstore. Charge cards are accepted. Books can be shipped to your home or office, but there is a shipping charge. When purchasing materials, please make sure the bookstore is aware that you are enrolled in distance education courses.

How the lessons work:

We recommend starting with Lesson 1 and working through the lessons in order.  Reading assignments are listed in the Course Syllabus.  

Assignments should be completed and turned in to the instructor. 

The course also includes a mid-term and a final exam. All exams are open book and open notes. 


To do a search for particular topics, go to the search engine page. Instructions for best results will be given.