Associate in Applied Science Degree
Water/Wastewater Specialization

How do I earn an Associate's Degree in Water/Wastewater from Mountain Empire Community College?

  1. Apply for admission to Mountain Empire Community College. (This has the application for admission and finanacial aid packets available.)
  2. Submit documentation of previous education, licenses and/or work experience which could be certified towards your degree (i.e.: water/wastewater licenses, college credits and/or degrees through Official Transcript,etc.)
  3. Take Math and English Placement Tests if needed. 
  4. Discuss with a college advisor the classes needed toward the degree.
  5. Pay for classes by cash, check, credit card, or letter of intent from employer.
  6. Register for classes.
  7. Complete all necessary class work (questions, labs, projects, field trips, and exams) for each course.
  8. Apply for graduation.
  9. Earn your Associate's Degree from Mountain Empire Community College.



A minimum of 17 hours must be taken from Mountain Empire Community College. Other credits may transfer from an accredited university, college, community college or distance learning course.